The Covid 19 pandemic has brought the world unexpected & immeasureable hardships. We saw how vulnerable our family was to viruses like this. We were not expecting this in our lifetime. MiIllions were affected, millions of families suffered.

InHealth Persona responded to the Covid 19 pandemic and covered and continue to cover thousands of its clients affected by the pandemic.

The pandemic is not over. And we do not know when another one will hit us.

It is best to be prepared for our family’s sake. Not only for a pandemic but also for common illnesses, diseases and accidents. We do not know when we will get sick

InHealth Persona is an HMO Healthcare package designed for your Family. And if you are enrolling alone, this is for you too.

Consider the features:

  • Access to all accredited hospitals nationwide including top major hospitals such as St. Luke’s QC, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, The Medical City
  • 40,000+ accredited doctors & specialists
  • Dental Benefits
  • Builtin Life Insurance
  • Medicine Reimbursement Benefit
  • Choice of rooms from Suite, Private, Semi-private, Ward
  • No medical exams before enrollment
  • No need for Philhealth memberhsip
  • Easy digital application and payment. No need for face to face
  • Competetive rates

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