Application for HMO membership for Family, Individual, self employed, freelancers or Privilege Care International

  • Request for a quotation:
  • Ask questions or clarifications thru any of the abovmentioned communications channels
  • For Family, Individual, self employed, free lancers or Privilege Care, if everything is clear and you are ready to enroll:
  • Application form is in pdf format. Fill up application form accurately. Make sure to sign all items and pages that are marked for signature
  • Email the application form to for processing, together with valid government issued IDs. For minor children, submit copy of school ID or birth certificate
  • Wait for billing and payment instructions which will come within 1-2days.
  • Pay through any of the payment channels in the billing statement. Make sure to follow the payment instructions to be sure that you are transacting with INSULAR HEALTH CARE
  • After payment validation, membership will be activated with effectivity either 1st or 16th of the month.

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